Apps and online games for children to learn English as a second language (esl/efl)

A direct and pleasant solution is technology and games available both online and through  mobile apps. In the following suggestions we present, children, will begin in no time to learn small words and start retrieving their lost confidence.

Online desktop games. Free online desktop games are simpler, but do not cease to be fun for children.




Memory games by for vocabulary enrichment in various animals, body, verbs etc. Basic function: match the picture with the word.



Slide11On the same site, select the pirate games to give the opportunity to children to practice visual and audio in English while traveling with the Pirates !

The webpage contains a variety of games that can be used by the teacher in the classroom.

eslgamesplus homepage

  1. Visit games to learn English

Slide7and specifically the subpage fast English to enrich vocabulary in transport media, the body etc. fast-english take me to the game

Children listen or read the word and choose the right picture.


Polish website with the aim to help learning English as a foreign language. KidsSlide9 cab watch the aliens’ episodes and learn new words and phrases.

Watch aliens’ episode 1




mes gamesShoot the right picture or word! In a minimum time you have to find the correct image or word. Do not miss out this webpage! It contains vocabulary about drinks, fruits, jobs, vacations etc.




  1. Finally we are proposing 2 games from

For the following games an adult is needed to explain the vocal instructions in English. Nevertheless we believe that it’s worthy to be added.

στην υπεραγορά

One game is about selecting the proper foods at the supermarket. E.g. The speaker on the game says: Choose 3 foods that help us build strong bones. Each time that a food is clicked its name is pronounced by the speakers.


wardrobe game


Free app games

Slide3EduKitty ABC (android link)

iPhones and iPads

14 different games for letters recognition, sequencing in the alphabet, spelling, capital and low-case letters


2) Phonics and Letter Sounds School


Kids learn the sounds of the letters and the way they are traced in a magical mystery island!

app for iPads

Phonics Island Adventure (androids)



Concluding we are mentioning a paid app for iPads

Slide16There are many apps  for a small fee. This app is offered for learning english, french and spanish so you can use it as well! Their motto is learning by doing



Help your children take their future in their hands. English are a must language!

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