Behavior management in the classroom

article written by Vias, translated in English by Margarita

Behavior management in the classroom is the process by which teachers and schools  maintain appropriate behavior of students during class time. The purpose of the application of classroom management strategies is to enhance the positive and social behavior of students. Effective classroom management principles operate in almost all disciplines and at all educational levels. When using a tiered model supported by the whole educational system, behavior management programs in the classroom have been shown to be effective for 80-85 percent of all students.
Effective management of the classroom

behavior management in the classroom

The classroom management systems are effective, because they increase the success of students, creating a smooth learning environment that enhances academic skills and abilities of students and their social and emotional development. The management systems are most effective when they have three basic principles.

They emphasize the students’ expectations and behavior towards learning.
Promote active learning and student participation
Define the behavior of students for success and in particular:

A. Which behaviors are required to achieve the objectives of the course?
B. What effect has a specific activity for students’ role?
G. How will the teacher prepare students to take on those roles?
Advice for teachers

Do not use vague rules.
Do not use rules that you are reluctant to apply
.Do not ignore behaviors of students who violate school’s or classroom’s rules.
Do not use  harsh or insulting punishments.
Do not use corporal punishment.
Do not try to solve problems on your own, if you have serious concerns about a student see the school psychologist or the school counselor

Classroom management systems are effective, because they increase the success of students by creating a smooth learning environment.
Article by Vias
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