4 fun ways to learn multiplication

The ultimate solution when everything else fails. Dyscalculia and learning difficulties (special version- multiplication) Children and adults who have difficulty in mathematics. In a class of 30 students on average there are 1-2 students who cannot memorize their multiplication tables or take much longer. 1 What is striking about these students is that they do […]

Career fair 2016

Ematheon will be at the Career fair at Tepal Limassol on the 22nd of March 2016. Career fair 2016  There will be offered free workshops for entrepreneurship. Come to meet us and get informed!

You can do it! … something is missing.

As Growth mind-set gains ground in education, there is still a missing link. In the article of Gregg Toppo, Dweck’s words are mentioned that: Teachers misinterpret growth mindset, and that they should praise children’s strategies and explain how these help bring the desired results. This is more than true! Encouraging kids all this time as […]

Attitudes in the classroom (Mindsets in the classroom)

If I don’t practice one day, I know it; two days, the critics know it; three days, the public knows it. Jascha Heifetz As a teacher what interests me mostly is not having flawless students but students who can easily overcome failure and be persistent. As individuals, children are much more sensitive than adults, a […]

What is Ematheon?

It is a platform where educators can upload educational material for purchase by other teachers. Any teacher can enroll as an author to upload their content. You will find additional free stuff organized into grades, courses and modules .. Ematheon is made for educators who want to offer something more personalized to their students. Here […]