License for images and graphics. What the educator needs to know.

License for images and graphics. What the educator needs to know.

baby-84626_960_720When we create educational content all of us want graphics or images that relate to our lesson and are attractive to our students. For many of us, the first move is to go to Google and use one of the images that we like from the search engine for images.


For personal use in our class it’s ok and we should cite the source of the material. But what happens when we want to share the content with colleagues or we want it for commercial use? Here, all teachers should be aware of the creative commons licenses and a good place to start with is the website


Normally the creator of the images and graphics should always be referred on the last page of the content prepared, even if we buy licenses for commercial use. Even when a graphic (clip art) is free, you have to check the terms of use. The creator may set as a condition to be mentioned at the end of the content. It may be considered foolish but in this way you help other colleagues who want to use the graphic or come into contact with the creator of such graphics or icons.


There are websites where you can find graphics and images even for commercial use. Just make sure to check the terms of use. Such sites are:


pixabay images (those with watermark above meant that they are free)


More articles on this topic and other very interesting sites will follow.

So tell us what you think and what other pages you use!


Happy creations!


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