Mary and the White Pea by Demetra Socratous

Mary and the White Pea by Demetra Socratous

Mary and the white pea (Greek book)

Demetra plays exquisitely with the words, transforming each sentence into a diamond. A book filled with dreamy images by Stella Karagiorgi, accompanies the stream of the author’s creativity.

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Older children can experience through reading the exploration of a child. Here takes place the miracle of life and are being unveiled in an imaginative way breakthroughs into other words!

A journey in search of the child truth and cancer’s understanding and treatment

156c1916889a43Mary and a White Pea. The young heroine constantly wanders why, where and how a White Pea got into her head. She sets up to find it and meet it. To understand it. Wandering between colorful dreamy-magic words, she encounters unique creatures that offer her their knowledge and their light helping her to know herself better. Until there comes the time to meet her White Pea.



A special story about the strength and love of the heart, sensitively given through fantasy positivism, symbolisms  and humor.

Author: Demetra Socratous

Illustration: Stella Karagiorgi

Ages: 9-15

Soft cover, 64 pages, colored, size: 26x20cm

self-published: December 2015

language: Greek

Price: €12- Part of the income will be donated for granting books to non-profit organizations that support children and adults with cancer and similar diseases.

Approved by the Cypriot Ministry of Education and Culture for the teacher’s  and student’s library (2016)

Demetra Socratous: (Author) works as a teacher in Elementary Schools. She carries out theatrical play and non-conventional learning workshops. She is an active member and volunteer in various social and cultural organizations and youth groups. She writes stories and lyrics. She took the first prize at the 17th contest of Cypriot song composition by Cybc (R.I.K.) with the song “Eplanepses me mana mou” (librettist, 2008). The book “Mary and the White Pea” constitutes her first publishing effort.

Stella Karagiorgi: (illustrator) is an artist and researcher. She studied Art and History of Art at a PhD level. Her work focuses on the study of Cyprus prehistoric art and the application of ancient symbols, patterns and archetypes in modern expression. She investigates the parallelisms between ancient art and infantile art, and the concept of play. She participates in exhibitions in Cyprus and abroad, she organizes workshops and she offers counseling services cultural heritage.

Find more about the book here: facebook fan page

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