What is Ematheon

news-128Ematheon will be a platform where educators can upload educational material for purchase by other teachers. Any teacher can enroll as an author to upload their content.

You will find additional free stuff organized into grades, courses and modules.

Ematheon is made for educators who want to offer something more personalized to their students. Here you will be able to find materials to support strong and weak students.

We are all creative teachers. Now is the time to express ourselves and share our work in a creative and organized way and get extra income as authors.

What do I need to become a content author?

  • Make sure your material is yours
  • Use graphics and images from websites that provide license for commercial use. Look at the terms of use of the website.
  • Divide your material into subsections. E.g. in Greek: grammar, spelling, creative exercises, reading etc. You can simply divide it into chapters numerically.

Will there be control of the material?

Of course! Also, each teacher may assess the material s/he bought.

Who are you?

We are group of educational workers from Cyprus and Greece with great expectations for the future of education.

When do you officially launch?

In the coming months! Subscribe to our e-mail or contact us at contact@ematheon.io